ACPF’s publications cover a broad range of themes on the rights and wellbeing of children in Africa. The scope of the ACPF’s publications include; governments’ accountability to children, children and the law, accessing justice for children, child poverty, the situation of the most vulnerable children, including those with disabilities, child-headed households. ACPF aims to document not only the risks and challenges faced by Africa’s children, but the policies, programmes, systems and mechanisms to take effective action.

ACPF’s publications aim to address the limited data and information that is available on Africa’s children, by providing recent, credible and relevant information on children’s wellbeing in Africa. ACPF aims to ensure that its research and publications are used to inform policy reform and practices and to catalayse learning across different African countries. Therefore, ACPF’s publications target a range of child rights actors including governments, United Nations agencies, and civil society organisations. Furthermore, ACPF’s publications are used by regional and global treaty bodies and accountability mechanisms, such as the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities.

ACPF’s publications aim to provide a pan-African perspective and are guided by the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They are evidence-based, developed through consultative and peer-reviewed processes and are based on rigorous and innovative research methodologies which reflect both primary and secondary data. Many of ACPF’s publications have been prepared in partnership with academic and other policy research institutions and child rights experts. Increasingly, ACPF reflects the perspectives of children themselves in its research and publications.

ACPF would like to thank all its partners for their technical and financial support, without which none of the work achieved so far would have been possible.

This Catalogue features key ACPF Publications which are also available online at: