The African Child Observatory Programme ensures a regular collection, compilation, analysis and reporting of Africa-wide data and information pertaining to the realisation of all aspects of children’s rights and wellbeing. The programme also assesses structural, policy environment, budget and attitudinal issues that impede the realisation of these rights and improve them.

The African Child Observatory Programme also supports governments, national and international child rights organisations and continental and regional bodies, such as the African Union, to track progress in the realisation of children's rights.


The African Report on Child Wellbeing

The African Report 2013Every two years, ACPF publishes the next document in the African Report on Child Wellbeing series, to monitor the performance of African governments in realising the rights and wellbeing of children.

The first and second editions of the series – The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2008: How child-friendly are African governments? and The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2011: Budgeting for Children – contributed significantly to documenting Africa’s challenges and its progress towards the realisation of the rights and wellbeing of children in Africa. The third edition – The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2013: Towards Greater Accountability to Africa’s Children – focuses specifically on accountability, particularly with respect to African governments’ efforts to fulfil their obligations to children.

The Pocket Statistics

The annual compilation of statistics relating to children for all countries in Africa – the Pocket Statistics – promotes informed decision-making through disseminating Africa-wide data and information to policymakers, practitioners and civil society organisations. The Pocket Statistics contains accessible, comprehensive and up-to-date information on children.

The Knowledge Forum

The Knowledge Forum creates platforms for expert consultation on the scope and methodology of research, to ensure that ACPF’s work consistently reflects the highest level of expertise.

Reports on Emerging Themes

ACPF identifies issues and themes that are emerging or which have relatively poor visibility – for example, “Children in Crisis” and “Child Eye Health”.

Strengthening Accountability Systems for Child Rights and Wellbeing

The implementation of the CRC and ACRWC requires coordinated measures that involve development and enforcement of child laws and policies; co-ordination structures
and systems for collection and analysis of data to monitor progress and identify gaps; and independent child rights bodies. Furthermore, the establishment of national child rights observatories, the primary role of which is to monitor the state of child wellbeing, is also relevant to strengthening accountability to children.

ACPF will therefore aim to enhance monitoring efforts at national level through support for the development of frameworks and the creation of effective platforms – including child observatories – to strengthen accountability towards children.