Enhancing Economic Development through Investment in Children

According to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), States Parties have an obligation to allocate adequate resources to implement the
UNCRC, that is, to invest in children. Furthermore, it is well recognised that investing in children through health, education and protection, will enhance
economic growth. ACPF intends to further document the evidence to demonstrate the economic benefits of investing in children, deepen the understanding of the impact of specific macro-economic policies on child poverty and contribute to the further development and application of a child impact assessment tool.

Enhancing Social Protection to Improve Wellbeing Outcomes for Children

Social protection is emerging as an effective means to protect and enhance children’s development, protection and survival in Africa. Evidence indicates that social protection programmes, specifically cash transfers, can have a positive impact on fulfilling children’s rights and improving their wellbeing. This is achieved through outcomes such as improving education, nutritional and health outcomes and reducing risks of child abuse and exploitation, including child labour. ACPF intends to document and catalyse learning and action to promote child-sensitive social protection programmes.

Accelerating Child Survival and Development

Child survival and development is the obvious cornerstone for all children in Africa. Much progress in this regard has been achieved in Africa over the past several decades, particularly with respect to improvements in primary school enrolment and reductions in child mortality. However, problems remain: for example, high levels of malnutrition persist and access to secondary school remains problematic. Sustained and accelerated efforts are therefore needed. ACPF aims to strengthen the accountability and effectiveness of multi-sectoral nutrition security systems in order to reduce persistent levels of chronic malnutrition in Africa.