• Child Wellbeing
In May 2002, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a document entitled ‘A World Fit for Children’ – a world in which all children get the best possible start in life in their homes and have access to quality basic education, including primary education
  • Child Wellbeing
  • Child Rights Governance
This compilation, entitled Measuring and Monitoring Accountability to Children, contains the updated and revised versions of the papers presented at a roundtable meeting of experts to solicit feedback on the theme, structure and content of the 2013 African Report on Child Wellbeing.
  • Children with Disabilities
Children with disabilities are born into families in virtually every community in Africa. many more children and youth become disabled due to diseases, accidents, violence and armed conflict. Girls and boys with disabilities exist in africa - Un estimates place their number at 10% of all children.
  • Violence Against Children
Cette étude poursuit deux objectifs. Le premier est d’analyser les expériences de sept pays africains, à savoir l’Egypte, l’Ethiopie, la Gambie, la Guinée, le Soudan, le Ghana et le Kenya. Dans les cinq premiers pays, la prevalence des MGF est particulièrement élevée.

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