Message from ACPF's Executive Director

Mr Theophane Nikyema
Mr Theophane Nikyema
Executive Director-ACPF

The year 2017 started with a UN announcement that 1.4 million children face imminent death from famine in Africa. Failure of food production due to drought and conflicts, combined with weak and limited national responses and capacities to address the crisis in countries such as Somalia, South Sudan and parts of Nigeria has resulted in millions of children suffering from malnutrition and facing famine. Countries in the horn of Africa are particularly vulnerable to drought and famine.

Such negative developments in the region disturb us all and remind us of the need to scale up our collective effort to reverse them. Studies are showing us the strong link between accountable-governance and occurrence of droughts which have heavy tolls on women and children. Droughts are not new to our region. The current droughts and the cost in the lives of children and women should be a turning point where we commit and resolve to move from fire-fighting to addressing their root causes. African governments, particularly in drought prone countries, need to tackle these situations that deeply affect the life and dignity of our people.

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