African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) is a Pan-African child-focused research Centre working with partners, international NGOs, governments and other stake-holders to influence programs, policies and practices which offer adequate protection for the African child. Its activities are strictly in line with the provisions of relevant international Treaties, Conventions, and Charters.

As a Nigerian-based child focus NGO, Children’s Rights Network (CHRINET) has, in the past two years participated in ACPF organized or facilitated programs and conferences. One of such conferences was the one held in Abuja, Nigeria in April 2012. It was Inter-country adoption, an issue poorly understood even by majority of educated Nigerians. This was followed by a bigger conference on the same issue in Addis-Ababa in the same year. Later the same year  ACPF also facilitated CHRINET’s participation at the Third Pan African Forum on Children  and African wide Movement for Children (AMC) Annual General Meeting in Addis-Ababa and  Nairobi respectively.

ACPF has certainly been playing a major role in shaping policies relating to how children are more properly treated. Their activities have assisted in bringing to the front-burner the desirability or otherwise of the Inter-country adoption policy in Nigeria to the extent that the Nigerian government is presently giving consideration to the Hague Convention of 1993.

Finally, ACPF has impacted positively on the African Child by giving direction to all stakeholders through its in-depth analysis and reliable data on the plights of children and means of mitigating such problems.