As a participant and presenter at the ACPF’s successful Global Conference on Child Justice held in Kampala, Uganda in 2011, and from reading the documents that came out of that conference, and reviewing its various programs, activities, and research, as well as from my interactions with its staff since 2011, ACPF, is undoubtedly a leader and model for other NGO’s and civil organisations working to achieving child justice on the Continent and beyond. ACPF is a rare gift to African governments who have all committed themselves to protecting and safeguarding the rights and welfare of the African child through the signing and ratification of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. I urge them to make use of this gift!

I would like to see ACPF expand its scope of activities, research and programs to other regions of Africa and recruit its personnel across the Continent, to enable it perform that leading role more effectively and inclusively.

I wish ACPF the warmest and heartiest congratulations on its 10 years anniversary and continued blessings! Also, I congratulate you on the appointment of the new Executive Director who has all it takes to lead this great organisation to greater heights.

Good luck!