Reflecting on what to say about ACPF, took me down memory lane and back to the time when I first interacted with ACPF.  Just to put my reflection in context, organisations, though they are entities on their own, only remain vibrant and relevant because of the individuals that work there.  This to me is what cut the edge for ACPF.  The individuals, the passion, charisma and love for making a difference in the lives of children on the continent is the air around ACPF from the top Director down to the support staff.  It just takes one interaction at any level vibe is on.   If I am to describe the contribution of these individuals within ACPF this is what I would say: “Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things for children”.   African people driven by the spirit of pan-Africanism, leveraging opportunities and networks acquired overtime to create an African centre of excellence for policy action. The Uganda Child rights NGO Network got hooked to ACPF through the individuals in 2004. From then on, the benefits have been wide ranging from participating in policy dialogues, knowledge generation, networking opportunities, creating platforms for pursuing a collective agenda…etc.  Through these opportunities, UCRNN gained knowledge and its visibility and profile at the pan African level grew tremendously. 

As we look back at the decade of action and count the gains, there is need to keep and institutionalise the culture that defined the agenda, the people drive, passion and charisma. The current societal, economic and technological developments raise the stake even higher for organisational interdependency. The coming decade should therefore be informed by these experiences and guided by the notion and conviction that the challenges facing Africa’s children are enormous and given that these challenges can take a geopolitical dimension, the role for ACPF cannot be over emphasized. As a leader in the pan African scene, ACPF has to continue steering the course and being the lynch pin for actors in the region. What should stand the test of time is the people culture that has been the driver in the past decade.

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