The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund seeks to change the way society treats its children and youth. A key strategy in our implementation is building partnerships with like minded institutions locally, nationally, regionally and continentally. For strong partnerships to be established, the willingness of the organisations is critical. ACPF has developed key analytic reports on child wellbeing in the region as well as strong monitoring tools for children’s rights and wellbeing for the continent and this makes them a critical partner for any child rights organisation especially the Fund.
ACPF has been a very supportive and receptive partner of the Fund from initial contact.  ACPF has been educating the continent and the globe with regards to the wellbeing of children and providing great recommendations through its numerous reports. ACPF gives a true African perspective and puts a face to the problem of children in the continent through its research and policy work. These reports constantly attest to the fact that the challenges we face in South Africa is not unique to us but similar across borders.  

ACPF constantly engages with other NGOS and regional organisations like the Regional Advocacy Network for Children (RANCH) hosted by the Fund to support and strengthen the civil society’s response to children’s issues. Their support and willingness to share the work that they have produced continentally with the region including tailoring this work for the Southern African civil society working on children’s rights is commendable.

In 10 years time it will be great to see ACPF’s research and policy recommendations being used by child rights organisations all over the continent as well as policymakers. ACPF should continue to be the voice of the African child and continuously pull evidence on issues that are not being spoken about.