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Right to left : H.E Pres. Chissano (Board Chairperson), Dr. Assefa ( ACPF's Founder), Mr. Theophane ( ACPF's Executive Director)

Moving African from Rhetoric to Accountability

Africa is a region of contrasts. The last two decades have witnessed robust economic growth and dramatic progress in health and education in many countries. African governments have ratified most of the relevant international and regional human rights instruments and made encouraging progress in domesticating them. A number of countries have harmonised, or are in the process of harmonising their national laws with the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACRWC), and other major international institutions concerned with children.

Many are making impressive efforts to improve the social and economic well being of children, through, for example, universal or improved access to health and education. Still life for millions of Africa’s children remains hard, insecure and fragile.

Almost all political leaders profess their love for children and their governments’ commitment to their cause; to reinforce this, many bullet long lists of ratifications. But the promises ensuing from ratification have not been met and do not look like they will soon be met.


New report ranks Africa’s most and least child-friendly countries

And reveals that Africa has become more child-friendly, but still faces serious challenges

18 NOVEMBER 2013, ADDIS ABABA: According to a new report launched today which ranks how child-friendly 52 African governments are, Africa has become a better place for children compared to five years ago, and improving child wellbeing does not necessarily depend on the wealth of the country.  The new flagship report by The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) - The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2013: Towards Greater Accountability to Africa’s Children - analyses and ranks the performance of 52 African governments in a Child-Friendly Index comparing progress since the first ranking in 2008.



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The African Report on Violence against Children

This report is expected to reveal and analyse the magnitude and complexity of the phenomena, often erroneously associated with ‘African tradition’ but also describe the causes which are not only cultural and social, but also economic and political.

Calendar of Events

MAR 24-30 High Level online validation of the African Report on violence against Children
JUN   9-15 Media launch of the Africa Report on Violence against Children & disimination (TBC)

JUL 14-20

International Symposium on Law, policy and programmatic good practices for children with Disabilities (TBC)
OCT   21-22
6th International Policy Conference & Larissa Award

ACPF News ...

The next elections for the Committee on the Rights of the Child will take place at the 15th Meeting of States Parties in New York on 25 June 2014
The next elections for the Committee on the Rights of the Child will take place at the 15th Meeting of States Parties in New York on 25 June 2014. This is six months earlier than expected and nominations will have to be made by April 2014 (exact date yet to be posted). As in previous years, Child Rights Connect is writing...

"Growing up in Africa ..."

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