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The Child Law Resources (CLR) was compiled through an extensive review process and the relevant documents were obtained from various sources including government portals, websites of international organisations such as UN Agencies, INGOs, CSOs, academic institutions. Some documents were obtained in hard copies from the relevant institutions. ACPF will make every effort to ensure that this compilation reflects the most up-to date information that is available. However, ACPF would like to remind users of this database that the process of developing laws and policies is a dynamic and ongoing process hence, some laws and policies included here may not, in fact, be the most recent documents available. In this context, ACPF cannot claim that this is an entirely exhaustive compilation of legal and policy documents on child rights in Africa. 

ACPF also recognises the fact that most policies have specific timeframes and in cases where the period has lapsed, ACPF would like to encourage users to make an effort to verify if the policy in question is still operational. For some countries, old policies that may have been replaced and Laws that may have been repealed have been included in the CLR to provide users with background information to the development of child rights in that particular country. In limited cases, only draft policies are available and these have been included but in such cases, it is necessary that users further verify with the relevant authorities whether or not the policy has officially been adopted. 

All documents are in their original language and no translation has been made except for titles. 

ACPF is committed to updating the CLR as and when information on new policy and legal documents become available.