African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) is an independent, Pan-African organisation that promotes policy change to advance child wellbeing in Africa. We are guided by The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our work is inspired by African values and perspectives and informed by African reality and global knowledge. We adopt a child rights approach to the promotion and realisation of child wellbeing.

ACPF undertakes law and policy research and advocacy on the African child. We document children’s life experiences to build knowledge of the African child.  By identifying policy solutions and creating space for dialogue and learning, we catalyse linkages between policy and practice. We foster a common voice through alliances and movements for children. Creating opportunities for children to advocate for themselves is important to us.

We work with partners across governments, inter-governmental institutions, multilateral organisations, international and national NGOs, civil society, academics and development partners across diverse sectors.



Our vision is “An Africa where every child enjoys all rights and attains their full human potential.


Our mission is to work towards “To be a leading advocate for policies that are inclusive of all children.”


ACPF is guided by universal human rights principles and African values.  

  • Human rights norms: we believe in the inherent rights of the human person as well as the universality, inalienability and interdependence of human rights.
  • Ubuntu: we embrace our African humanist philosophy that “I am because we are”.
  • Diversity: we celebrate Africa’s diversity, believing in non-discrimination and inclusiveness. We pay particular attention to children who are discriminated against in multiple and intersecting ways.
  • Partnership: we aim to bring change with others, working in a collaborative way to develop a more inclusive and diverse child rights space that supports Africa’s vision and our goals. We link to movements and networks in solidarity.
  • Constructive engagement: we engage constructively with governments and stakeholders, believing that change happens through collaboration and collective action.

We have a duty to be accountable to our stakeholders. ACPF operates under the overall stewardship, strategic direction and policy guidance of our International Board of Trustees. The Board consists of individual members and of the Chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Chair of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, as standing members, to ensure we adhere to international human rights standards and child rights principles.

While the full Board meets once a year, it has appointed the Administrative Council and entrusted it to provide oversight and supervise the Executive Director in the implementation of ACPF’s strategy, policies and Board resolutions. The Board provides safeguarding, general and fiduciary oversight, ensures employee wellbeing and compliance in all its operations and business.

It is remarkable that the Board has consistently attracted outstanding personalities with proven record in government, law, public policy, child rights and development. Distinguished personalities include our first Chair, Dr Salim Salim Ahmed Salim, former Prime Minister of Tanzania; President Joaquim Chissano, former President of Mozambique and Mrs Graça Machel, who is our current Chairperson.


An independent, not-for-profit, Pan-African
Institute of policy research and dialogue on the African child.

Founded 2003
Founder Assefa Bequele, PhD

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