Children’s Legal Protection Centre (CLPC)



It is believed that all activities carried out by CLPC under the four programmes since 2005 have contributed to the overall improvement in accessing justice to children.

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An ACPF Initiative

ACPF established the Children’s Legal Protection Centre (CLPC)in 2005 as part of its Children and the Law Programme with an overall objective of ensuring justice to all children.

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ACPF re-established the CLPC in 2012, in collaboration with the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia with the aim of strengthening Government’s effort to enhance child justice administration and to create a sustainable child protection structure in the justice system.

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Introducing CLPC

Justice for Children

CLPC: the Engine of CJPO

What do they say : Practitioners
What do they say: The Judiciary

An independent, not-for-profit, Pan-African
Institute of policy research and dialogue on the African child.

Founded 2003
Founder Assefa Bequele, PhD

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