Participants will require a visa to enter Ethiopia. Visas can be obtained online through the Government of Ethiopia’s e-Visa platform: and please select Conference Visa – CV

In order to support their visa application, participants will need to submit:

  • Official invitation letter from ACPF
  • Visa application letter written by ACPF to the Immigration, Nationality and Vital Event Agency of Ethiopia
  • A scanned copy of the biographical page of their passport
  • A scanned copy of passport picture
  • Copy of ACPF’s registration license
  • E-visa application fee of USD 32

Important note:

  • In order to obtain ACPF’s invitation letter and other required documentation for e-Visa application, participants need to send a copy of the biographical page of their passport as a matter of priority to Eskedar Beyene –
  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your intended entry into Ethiopia.
  • Visa payments are accepted online only using the following credit cards:-  American Express, Diner Club International, Mastercard, Masterpass, VISA, UnionPay, G Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay
  • e-Visa application fees are not refundable
  • The validity of Ethiopian e-Visa starts from the date you intend to enter Ethiopia not from date of issue.
  • The Ethiopian immigration authorities have indicated that the processing of e-Visa applications takes 3-5 days. However, they have also advised that participants should proceed with their e-Visa applications ahead of time, as soon as they receive the official invitation letter from ACPF.
  • Once you have successfully completed and submitd your visa application and obtained your e-Visa, you must print it and have a hard copy of your visa during your travel.
  • Participants are also strongly encouraged to check whether transit visas may be needed for their chosen itinerary.