The Larissa Award is dedicated to the memory of Larissa who passed away tragically at the age of five years. During her short life she brought immense pleasure to her parents, grandparents and friends. Larissa was highly sensitive, intelligent, kind and generous in her possessions. The Award symbolizes the tragedy of one in five African children who die before their sixth birthday. Larissa would be content to know that this award bearing her name will advance the rights and well-being of African children.

The Larissa Award is an instrument of The African Child Policy Forum to draw a positive attention to Africa, rewarding those that have helped Africa to progress and become a better place for children. The specific purpose of the Larissa Award is to give recognition and encouragement to exemplary initiatives for the well-being of children in Africa. The Award may cover a broad range of activities such as health care, education, nutrition, and care of orphans. Each two years, a specific issue will be chosen. It is hoped that through appropriate publicity and other means the Larissa Award will encourage the expansion and replication of such initiatives.

The conditions for nominations determine that the Award should go to an individual or organisation that has provided an outstanding service to children, either in quantitative or qualitative terms, covering either the last 24 months or for a life-time achievement. Although nominees from Africa are especially welcome, the Award is open to all who have contributed to the promotion of the rights and well-being of African Children. The Larissa Award consists of a Statuette of Larissa and a small financial contribution towards the project.